Getting Things Done (GTD) Notion Workspace

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Get Things Done in Notion.

Welcome to the "Getting Things Done Notion Dashboard" - the ultimate productivity tool based on the revolutionary GTD method by David Allen. Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered notes, missed deadlines, and forgotten tasks, and say hello to a more organized and productive you. At Rise Productive, our mission is to provide the most valuable products to our community as possible. Instead of receiving one template, you will receive lifetime access to every individual Notion template and course we will ever make. The Getting Things Done Workspace is truly your Notion system for life!

Every template you will ever need

Up to 30+ prebuilt Notion templates including:

Automated Task Prioritization

Prioritize your tasks and projects based on the GTD Method

Alignment and Values Review

Keep in line with your personal / business goals based on your values

🎯 Goals and Key Results

Keep track of your goals and make sure you're staying on track

🎥 Master Content Calendar

Have complete management and overview of your content

💳 Business & Personal Finances

Track income and expenses

📅 Habit Tracker + Streaks

Maintain your habits and see how you've kept up with them over time

Lifetime Access to Notion Courses

Access to Notion courses to take your skills to the next level like:

Mastering Notion: Streamline Your Productivity and Organize Your Life: (also available on Skillshare)

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Up to 30+ Premium Notion Templates
Lifetime Access
All Future Updates
30 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Lifetime Access to Our Notion Courses
Value Driven Productivity
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Getting Things Done (GTD) Notion Workspace

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