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Demetri Panici
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With 2+ years of Notion experience as someone with daily tasks in various areas of life (work, student, content creation, personal) I have developed an advanced workspace to manage both my professional and personal life with ease.

This template contains a framework of my entire Notion workspace and contains the following:

Task Management - Personal and professional flowing in the same spaces but functioning separately.

Habit Tracking - Simple and complex with a streaks counter.

Second Brain - My entire Second Brain System is integrated across the workspace.

Master Content Calendar - This is what I use to manage all my content.

Business CRM - My entire advanced CRM system is integrated within the workspace.

Notes Database, Book Library, Meal Planner, Job Applications, Goals, Finances.

  • You will get access to this template for duplication.

  • You will get access to this template for duplication.
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My Notion Workspace

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